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No Yahweh Journeys was born out of my belief (and years of worldwide travel and observation) that we all spend far too much precious time trying to prove that each of us is right.... when everyone knows that I am! Just kidding... but seriously...
Over the years I’d been asked if I would consider officiating weddings, and though I had actually wanted to do so, I allowed my every-day life to prevent me from getting my credentials. I suppose, though, that a larger issue was simply that I didn’t want to have any sort of traditional ministry.
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Master of Ceremonies

If I was going to dive into the ministerial waters, as it were, they needed to be clear, open, utterly inclusive and, most importantly, all about love. Whatever sort of services I would provide would have to follow my personal life perspective of love, respect and understanding. I don’t want the world to simply coexist, but to learn from and celebrate our amazing differences.

I believe that life is a gift and every morning we wake up we should greet the day with the same enthusiasm we reserve for opening the best of all anticipated gifts. Spending our time trying to prove our superiority (whether it be individual or group, political or religious) only succeeds in blinding ourselves, and those who follow, to the actual beauty of our gift.

Life is filled with ridiculous conundrums, but none larger than the often times violent ways in which we try to prove which religion is more peaceful. No Yahweh Journeys (as is indicated by the name) is not a religion, per se. It is my own way to help celebrate life, love and laughter.